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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need credits to sign up?

No, you don't need any credits to sign up. Our registration process is completely free, and there are no hidden costs or fees.

Is it safe to use this website?

Yes, your safety and privacy are our top priorities. We use advanced security measures to protect your personal data, ensuring it's stored in a secure environment. However, we strongly advise against sharing excessive personally identifiable information with other users. Your online safety is a shared responsibility.

Will my purchase be discrete?

We understand the importance of your privacy. When you make a purchase on our platform, your credit card statement will discreetly show the charge as "TRF Services." This ensures your financial transactions remain private.

I forgot my username/password, what should I do?

Don't worry if you've forgotten your username or password. It happens to the best of us. Simply click here to reset your username or password. Follow the easy instructions to regain access to your account.

How do I change my password?

To update your personal information, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your account using your current credentials.
  • Navigate to "My Profile".
  • You can now adjust your personal information as needed.
  • Once you've made the changes, click on the "Save" button to ensure your updates are saved successfully.

How long will it take for my photo to show?

We aim to review all photos within 24 hours. Rest assured that we work diligently to ensure your photos meet our guidelines and are visible to others as soon as possible.

What are the rules on NaughtyTalk?

We have a few guidelines to maintain a respectful and safe environment on our platform:

  • Photos should not discriminate, promote violence, or support any illegal activities.
  • Individuals in photos must be 18 years or older. Posting photos from when you were 17 is not allowed.
  • Do not violate anyone's rights or intellectual property by posting a photo. Please ensure you have the necessary permissions and rights to share any images.

How can I request my personal data?

If you'd like to request access to your personal data, please refer to our privacy statement where you can find the email address to send your request to. We are committed to safeguarding your privacy and will assist you promptly.

How to change your location?

To update your location information, follow these steps:

  • Open the menu located in the top right corner of our website.
  • Select "My Profile."
  • Click on "Edit profile."
  • Navigate to "Profile information."
  • Make the necessary changes to your location in the provided form.
  • Don't forget to click "Save" to confirm your new location.

How to turn off/on your email notifications?

Managing email notifications is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Open the menu located in the top right corner of our website.
  • Choose "Account Settings."
  • Select "Notifications."
  • Adjust your preferences as desired.
  • Make sure to click "Update settings" to save your changes.