Terms of Use

Last updated on 1 May 2024

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Terms of Use apply to the use and visits of this Website as well as other services offered. Please, ensure that you read the terms and conditions carefully before you check the Website and/or make use of our services.

If any points are not evident in our Terms of Use, which restricts you from accepting the conditions or finding it difficult to read these general conditions, don't hesitate to suspend your visit to this Website. Present or future visits to this Website and/or the use of our services indicates that you accept these Terms of Use entirely.

If you want to use naughtytalk.com and the services it requires a one-time registration, which allows to User to use a personal password

Article 1: Definitions

  1. TRF Networks Ltd.; The private entity with limited liability, with an authorized Trade Register under identification number 229625. The business is located in the Seyschelles, in the future to be considered owner, manager and operator of these, also known to be “TRF Networks Ltd.“. Additionally operations supported by SRFB Media Ltd, and Lakeshore Productions Inc, 1800 North Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028 considered supporting parties in operations for the payment infrastructure.
  2. Account: The account registered by the User, allows him/her to access the Member database/dashboard.
  3. Content: The main contents of a website, this content has many elements, but it is not limited to photos, films, profiles and texts.
  4. Credit: The virtual entity within the Member database, allow the user to access information in agreement with the provisions of Article 7. This also Credits the User to send content and Messages.
  5. I.P. rights: All the available intellectual property rights which include copyrights, trademark rights, ancillary rights, database rights and related rights, i.e. know-how and performances on parity with such rights
  6. Logging: This is the means of data storage using digital methods of events or actions which occurred on naughtytalk.com
  7. Messages: The digital format and shielded means of transferring data. It enables User to exchange information with other members of the Website, and this procedure is visible to the Account User.
  8. Profile: It is a set of individual features and preferences which a participant has added to make it available to other users.
  9. Service: The Service provided by TRF Networks Ltd., which creates a platform to send and receive messages and other tangible content to and from other participants.
  10. User: A visitor (person/individual), visiting this Website and/or using the products or services offered by TRF Networks Ltd., this can also be represented as 'you' or 'your'.
  11. Website: An efficient means of presenting or transferring information through the Internet.

Article 2: The SCOPE of Terms and conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to BOTH TRF Networks Ltd. and the participant.
  2. These terms and conditions apply strictly to the use of naughtytalk.com.
  3. Order of materiality: These Terms of Use exist, unless the law of Hong Kong, until now as they haven’t been implemented into traditional legislation, are compulsory.
  4. The occurrence of any provision of these conditions perhaps being void or voidable, other provisions will remain in force, and the provision proceedings shall be transformed into a valid provision which reflects the original intent as closely as possible

Article 3: Content and the use of naughtytalk.com

  1. naughtytalk.com goal is to great a mutual relationship among users. naughtytalk.com is a platform for users to communicate with each other, and it offers a passive connection among the dissemination of Profile, Online publication and additional information.
  2. The authorized use of naughtytalk.com and services through naughtytalk.com are open source for people above the minimum age of 18 years. If you are under 18 years, under the content of naughtytalk.com and/or the use of provided Website or services located in a geographical area where the use of offered services and access to Website is forbidden, don't hesitate to terminate the visit to naughtytalk.com.
  3. After the registration process, the User has the right to set up a profile. Users must provide complete and valid information of themselves after registration. User permits any changes to this data will be transferred directly to naughtytalk.com or changes made by the User on their pages of naughtytalk.com when required. By completing your application, if have access to naughtytalk.com warrant to make use of the intellectual property rights to the content offered by User to naughtytalk.com. This permits the right of naughtytalk.com to display, duplicate, translate, modify, scan, accessible for public use, whether commercial or non-commercial, sublicense or change of content associated to profiles.
  4. Users are restricted from creating a new account for other parties, transfer of the account and/or permit others to use previous users account. If the user data is for any reason no longer valid or complete, the User has to update the data to reaccess the account. If the User provides incomplete or inaccurate personal information and if TRF Networks Ltd. confirms that the information provided is incomplete or incorrect, TRF Networks Ltd. has the right to suspend or terminate the account without further investigation.
  5. The User is entirely responsible for protecting his username and password as a secret. The User is solely liable for the use of the account registered by third parties, irrespective of how the access to the account is obtained. In case of suspicion action or misuse of the account, the User will be notified directly by TRF Networks Ltd.
  6. TRF Networks Ltd. will not be held liable for the improper or misuse of the account.
  7. Gaining illegal access to naughtytalk.com is a disciplinary offence. In the case of suspicions of abuse, TRF Networks Ltd. will report any suspected misuse.
  8. It is unlawful to duplicate, copy or otherwise use of content associated with other Profiles apart from the use of services for private and personal purposes
  9. It is not acceptable to distribute or comment content which trespasses the rights of other users. Also, it is not allowed to publish abusive content, violent nature, defamatory, or which can cause political racism or violence. Generally, it is not permitted to post content which violates the objectives of naughtytalk.com or rules and regulations of decency with the applicable laws.
  10. It is not allowed to use or involve naughtytalk.com in any way whatsoever for illegal actions, executing criminal offenses and/or for activities which are against general standard and values when applicable. This includes other legal acts such as: the violation of intellectual property rights of the third parties (this includes, trademark rights, copyrights, rights under the Zealand Directive 96/9 on the legal security of databases, portrait rights, patent rights or model rights); the punishable or unlawful distribution of texts and/or audio and visual material which includes racist statements, (children's) pornography, drug abuse promotion, illegal activities and prostitution, criminal data traffic and abusive expressions; theft; illicit and/or punishable distribution of confidential or secret information; computer hacking ('hacking') through the Website; damaging, destroying or rendering useless of systems or automated works and software of others; offering access through false keys, false capacities and false codes; spreading viruses or deliberate disrupting communication or data storage.
  11. You should not use the personal information of third parties that you possess on naughtytalk.com, for any purpose, this includes transferring of information to third parties or sending mailings to people which data you can access through naughtytalk.com. You affirm not to distribute ‘Junk mail’, ‘mailings’, ‘chain letters’, ‘spam’, or bulk distribution of email to Users or former Users.
  12. It is prohibited to publish people photos apart from your photos on naughtytalk.com. The platform reserves the right to modify, refuse, and delete animations or other form of images.
  13. It is highly restricted to directly or indirectly add contact details which include street addresses, telephone numbers, Surnames, email addresses, URLs and other private identifiable information or seeking requests to obtain contact information in your profile or on visual form. naughtytalk.com reserves the right to modify, refuse, delete Profiles or some information in the Profile section.

Article 4: Liability

  1. TRF Networks Ltd. work hard to make naughtytalk.com accessible without interruption and to secure it by all means.
  2. TRF Networks Ltd. cannot be held responsible in any way for interfering with work, issues, interventions, modifications or limitation of functionality or other related matters which affect the functionality of naughtytalk.com or other services of TRF Networks Ltd..
  3. If you assume that your work has been duplicated in a way that trespasses copyright or if your intellectual property rights have been infringed, please contact us as soon as possible.
  4. TRF Networks Ltd. is not liable for the completeness, timeliness and exactness if the contents reflect the opinions of the User Profiles, advertisements or contribution with different motives. Under no circumstances are we responsible for direct or indirect damage which results from the use of naughtytalk.com. In regards to this, we exclude every liability to the extent authorized by law, regardless of the action or disregard for other Users.

Article 5: Content

  1. The contents in the external links available within our network are not controlled by us; this implies that the respective provider is liable. The content of naughtytalk.com has been complied with relevant information and utmost care. TRF Networks Ltd. is not responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness of the information available. The impacts reflect the opinion of the author in regards to the profiles, characters, contribution and advertisements which can be a personal motive. Physical contacts are restricted in all circumstances, we are not liable for any direct or indirect damage which results from the use of naughtytalk.com, and in any case we exclude every liability to the extent authorized by law, regardless of the action or disregard of Users.
  2. naughtytalk.com maintain a definite goal, it is clearly not the purpose of naughtytalk.com to fix meetings or dates in person.
  3. TRF Networks Ltd. clearly reserves the right to communicate with naughtytalk.com in regards to self-created profiles. These are fictional profiles where physical bonds are not available.
  4. TRF Networks Ltd. is not responsible for Profiles that violate the law. TRF Networks Ltd. does not have the means to permanently check the content of Profiles. If a violation of the law is suspected by a User, TRF Networks Ltd. will be notified immediately. TRF Networks Ltd. will then make every possible effort to prevent a repetition of this and, if necessary, remove any statements on the Website.
  5. TRF Networks Ltd. make use of third-party websites to contact visitors on their Website, whether or not free of charge. These third parties are responsible for placing the hyperlinks for the website content by themselves, in such a way that this third part can transfer User to naughtytalk.com via the hyperlinks.
  6. User grants TRF Networks Ltd. is an authorized license with intellectual property rights on the content offered by the User. This permission specially includes the right of TRF Networks Ltd. to modify, scan, display, duplicate, for publicity purposes, for commercial and non-commercial use, sublicense or transfer of content associated with Profiles (video images, search criteria, information, descriptions and photos etc.)

Article 6: Control Use, Privacy and Personal data

  1. TRF Networks Ltd. maintains strict protection of personal data of users accessing the naughtytalk.com. For more information, you can check the privacy statement on naughtytalk.com.
  2. The information of the User is logged during the visit to naughtytalk.com and/or use of the services. This information is important for the proper functioning of naughtytalk.com and improvement/optimization of naughtytalk.com and/or other services offered by TRF Networks Ltd. This available data can also be used to check for errors and/or violations of these terms and conditions, legal provisions or other information required by TRF Networks Ltd.
  3. TRF Networks Ltd. carefully consider the protection of this information and will not share this information with third parties.
  4. In case of defilement of the provisions in these Terms of Use, actions which are against the law and/or in case of fraudulent actions with immediate effect without prior warning blocked and the membership will be terminated. In this situation, the purchased balance will be irrevocably and instantly cancelled. The costs related with tracing the fraud or abuse are recovered from the User. This is with no prejudice to the legal right of TRF Networks Ltd. to recover from the damages caused and legal as well as non-judicial costs incurred by the User.

Article 7: Payment procurement and Rates

  1. User is liable to pay the price due for the Service, by the process of acquiring credits or subscription packages directly from the User via bank transfer, credit card payment or other payment method provided by the platform. The current rates are inclusive of VAT and other government charges, if relevant.
  2. In case of a dispute, the data of TRF Networks Ltd. serves as key measures to determine the amounts due, expect the Client proves that this information is invalid.
  3. Credits purchased by the User have a limited validity period, after which they expire if a User is inactive form more than 3 months on naughtytalk.com, then the account of the User will be removed. Before deleting the account, all data such as Winks, Messages and outstanding credit balances are automatically removed from the system. The User can no longer claim an exceptional credit.
  4. If the User delete his/her account, the User might also remove the available credit balance. Then, the User can no longer access any outstanding Credits at this point.
  5. Credits issued by the User due to an error (technical fault) will not be refunded. In the event of a (technical) failure at TRF Networks Ltd., the User has the right to write a request for refund caused by a system failure. In such a case, refunds will not be granted on unreasonable grounds.
  6. The User consent to deliver Credits by TRF Networks Ltd. will be granted without hesitation after payment by the User. Credits are not redeemable for money.
  7. When the User makes a credit card chargeback with no valid reason, all extra costs related with this chargeback will be charged to the User directly.
  8. TRF Networks Ltd cooperates with SRFB Media Ltd and Lakeshore Productions Inc, to partly facilitate payments.
  9. Subscription and recurring payments: In order to fulfill in the commitment of delivering the service of a purchased subscription package, to be able to provide continuous services, TRF Networks Ltd, and in some cases supported by SRFB Media Ltd or Lakeshore Productions Inc, could renew all paid subscriptions for the related Services automatically. This unless you notify us that you wish the cancel the related subscription two (s) weeks before renewal date. By accepting the Terms of Use, the User confirms that the automatic renewals/recurring payments upon purchasing a subscription. A request to cancel the automatic renewals of the recurring charges can be sent to [email protected]. Subscription prices also may vary from time to time (and which may vary based on region and length of subscription)

Article 8: Reflection period

  1. The legal cooling-off period of article 7: 46c paragraph 1 under Zealand Civil Code doesn't apply to this Service.
  2. TRF Networks Ltd. provides digital services which are entitled to termination within 14 days. If the user makes use of the purchased services within these 14 days, the right of return will lapse (during this period). The refunds will be granted within 14 days after payment of the User. If this is not feasible, for instance a telephone confirmation can allow the User to access a bank account. The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day.
  3. To execute the right of withdrawal, you need to send us a detailed statement (for instance writing by fax, mail or email [email protected]) to provide more insight on your decision to revoke the agreement.

Article 9: Managing criticism/complaints

  1. TRF Networks Ltd. will diligently consider all the complaints in regards to the Website, quality or criticisms of any form.
  2. The User should file a complaint in writing by sending an email to TRF Networks Ltd.
  3. TRF Networks Ltd. must ensure to resolve complaints within 7 working days. In addition, TRF Networks Ltd. will notify the User in writing through email messages.

Article 10: User disputes

  1. Because naughtytalk.com is not and will not be involved in communication between Users, if there is any disagreement with another User, then you are hereby release by naughtytalk.com from all claims and damages (direct or indirect) in any nature or form, known and unknown, disclosed or not disclosed, suspected and unsuspected due to or connect with such cases.

Article 11: Intellectual property

  1. Every intellectual property rights and similar rights in all services, products and information provided on naughtytalk.com are conferred solely in TRF Networks Ltd. or its licensors.
  2. Any/no part of naughtytalk.com must not be reproduced without written permission from TRF Networks Ltd. The intellectual property rights to every images, texts, sounds and software of naughtytalk.com belong to TRF Networks Ltd. or its licensors.
  3. Users has the right to share images, texts, sound and/or software to TRF Networks Ltd. or keep them on the Website, users transfer of intellectual property rights to TRF Networks Ltd. and protect TRF Networks Ltd. via third-party claims. TRF Networks Ltd. is also entitled to access these contributions commercially.
  4. In case the TRF Networks Ltd. be informed of (alleged) infringing links or (alleged) infringing material on the Website, then TRF Networks Ltd. has the right, but no obligation to delete the content or links.

Article 12: Changes in price and Amendment in general conditions

  1. TRF Networks Ltd. has the right to change the prices and services published on its Website at any time, also they can adjust the terms and conditions, update them or improve the activities. It is your sole responsibility to check these terms and conditions regularly. If you continue to use naughtytalk.com after updates or changes, this shows that you agree with these changes.
  2. TRF Networks Ltd. is not liable for any adverse consequences which may result from changes made to the content on naughtytalk.com or the terms and conditions